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Jeeter is a lifestyle brand that creates products and experiences for the cannabis industry. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of what’s next in the industry, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, product design and creativity.

Jeeter is the largest cannabis brand in the U.S. offering a wide range of products from flower, pre-rolls and vaporizers. Our innovative products are designed to create an experience that’s defined by its quality, crafted for the discerning customer with a discerning taste for quality cannabis products.

Our mission is to help people express their authentic self. We do that by providing a platform for freedom and creativity, introducing new perspectives to the cannabis industry, and supporting local communities we call home.

Baby Jeeters Infused Pre-roll

Dusted with kief and filled with high-quality flowers, Jeeter’s pre-rolls are the strongest joints at any price point. Available in multiple strains and sized for your enjoyment, we have the perfect preroll for every occasion.

These are our strongest jeeter joints. Each pre-roll is a premium indoor flower hidden in the center with dusted with kief.We’ve named our pre-rolls Jeeter because of the drops of liquid diamonds that leave you in a state of euphoria. Each one is hand crafted using the world’s finest strains.

We are pushing the limits of our pre-rolls as we offer you the most powerful pre-rolls in the country. All of our pre rolls are hand-rolled by the best rollers in Colorado. We take our time to ensure only premium flower and liquid diamond concentrate is used with every pre roll we make. Available in multiple strains and sizes, we have the proper THC for any occasion. 20% off for first time buyers!, real luxury at an affordable price.

Get The Latest Jeeter Juice Carts

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Jeeter Juice Cart brings you the best of fresh and healthy juices that are sourced from our very own farm. Our jeeter juice disposable carts are manned by expert juice makers who will serve you with a smile!.

The Jeeter Juice Resin disposable straw is made to give you the perfect hit every time. Featuring just one ingredient, this disposable straw is perfect for people looking to get an awesome taste from their vape juice on-the-go in a cleaner way than ever before.

Baby Jeeters Flower

Our Baby Jeeters are the perfect blend of premium indoor flower and love. Enjoy a premium indoor flower preroll, made with only the best cannabis available. Relax and enjoy a smooth, clean smoke with great flavors and high THC.

Looking for a convenient and discreet way to enjoy cannabis? Try Baby Jeeters, our premium indoor flower pre-rolls. Created with only the best strains, these prerolls offer big flavor and a powerful experience. Available in many strains and flavors, choose your next favorite today!